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"Imagine a marketing campaign that is pay-for-performance and the "performance" is a sale to an actual customer. Now imagine you can actually measure the reach, frequency, conversion rate and cost of a marketing campaign precisely.”

Mobstir is not just another daily deal site, it is a marketing platform for your brand
We therefore don’t only offer daily deals, but week and month-long promotions to our partners
Mobstir is not an ‘Africanization’ of an American concept
Our business model is built for an emerging market where not everyone has a credit card and internet access
We focus on Mobile
Access to local customer base (300 000+ initial coverage)

By now we know you are interested in this fantastic site! The wait is over, just go ahead and click this link: 

 If you would like to suggest a deal, become a partnering business with this up-and-coming brand in an exploding international market, or if you are just a little curious, please contact: or call Mobstir at: 0861MOBSTR/662787.

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